Mini pies with herbs and touristic pâté

Mini piceWith touristic pâté, every bite is a trip to a better place!  Check out how Jernej Kitchen turned the legendary Delamaris pâté into a true culinary fantasy!

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Stuffed potatoes with tuna pate Delamaris

Ni slike Wash and dry potatoes. Wrap each one in aluminum foil and bake at 200 °C (392 °F) for 40 minutes.

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Macaroni with tourist pate

Ni slike Cook macaroni "al dente" in salted water, to which you added two spoons of oil. Heat two spoons of olive oil and fry fine minced onion and garlic.

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Bread with tuna cream

Ni slike Mash cottage cheese, add paprika, spice and add tuna pate. Spread tuna cream over small slices of bread and garnish with black olive and parsley.

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