Pivka and Delamaris operations in foreign markets

30 March 2012

In the 2011 business year, Pivka recorded approximately €4.8 million in exports, of which €1.5 million were exported to the European Union countries, €3.3 million were exported to the markets of former Yugoslavia, and the rest was exported to other markets. In 2011, Pivka thus realised approximately 15% of the entire sales in key foreign markets, namely in Italy, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Austria and Montenegro. "In 2012, we plan to achieve around 8% growth in general exports, which amounts to about half a million euros. According to our plans, exports to the European Union markets should reach 6% growth and amount in total to approximately €1.6 million. For Pivka, the neighbouring Croatian market is among the more interesting targets and we plan on entering it even more actively once Croatia joins the European Union," adds Damjan Oblak.

In 2011, Delamaris recorded around €5.5 million in exports, of which more than €3.8 million were achieved in the European Union countries, slightly less than €1.3 million in the markets of former Yugoslavia, and the rest in other markets. Thus, Delamaris realized approximately 45% of the entire sales’ value in foreign markets, mostly in Austria, Croatia, Australia and the USA, the same as in the preceding years. "In 2012, we plan a moderate growth in general exports, namely to approximately €5.7 million. In comparison to the previous year, we expect to record around 5% growth in the markets of the European Union. In the future, we want to expand to the German and Chinese markets which show promise of maximum sales potential," says Damjan Oblak, Marketing Director at Pivka and Delamaris.

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