What is the role of fish in every day nutrition?

When we make our menus, we should try to consider the main principles of eating healthy:

  • Menu should be made primarily of vegetables, fruit, cereals, legume, wholemeal bread and fish.
  • The use of milk, cheese, yoghurt, nuts, eggs and meat should be moderate.
  • We should eat as little fats (especially of animal origin), sugar and salt as possible.



We should exchange salami and meat with fish can and with some imagination we should be able to prepare tasty in nutritious meals very quickly. We normally don’t have time to prepare challenging or complicated dishes during the working week. Thus it is very important, when cooking quickly, to use ingredients of the highest possible quality. Preparing fish dishes takes quite some time - fish must be cleaned, before fried or cooked. Delamaris fish cans easily substitute more complicated fish dishes.

We should stress that can of sardines is a lot healthier, compared to fried fish. During frying the high temperature causes decomposition of oil and formation of harmful substances. Oil in tin-can is not exposed to aforementioned conditions and doesn't contain harmful substances, which are result of disintegration. If we want to consume fewer fats, we strain the oil.