The very first factory for anchovy canning

The first factory for canning anchovies in oil was formed in Nantes, France, in 1822. This is also the reason that all of the factories, including the "Societe General Francoise S.A." used the label "sardine uso Nantes", meaning anchovies a la Nantes.

The process of canning was as follows: Fresh anchovies were brought to the working shop, where women cleaned and chopped off the heads by hand. Then they soused them, washed them with sea-water and put them on the sieves with tails up. When the fish dried, they put them into the boiling oil or water, fried or cooked them, strained them and put them neatly together into tin-cans. They poured oil over them and sealed the cans with lids, hermetically spiced at the edges by hand. Finally they pasteurized them in boiling water, cooled them down, put the labels on the tins and then filled the boxes with them.

Source: Bruno Volpi Lisjak, Delamaris 1879-1999, 120 years from the sea into the tin-can, 1999