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What is a fish can?

Can is a durable food product, specially treated and protected from spoiling.

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The very first can

Even in ancient times people tried to make foods more durable. They dried, smoked, pickled and salted meat and fish.

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The very first factory for anchovy canning

The first factory for canning anchovies in oil was formed in Nantes, France, in 1822.

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The origin of the name Delamaris

The name Delamaris first appeared as the name of the company in 1954, when the import-export company Delamaris was formed.

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When does the anchovy become a sardine?

An anchovy becomes a sardine after the heating.

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What kinds of fish swim in the Delamaris cans?

We mainly use four types of fish, namely sardines, mackerel, tuna fish and anchovies.

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What was the role of tasters at Delamaris?

Delamaris aspires to make the products of the highest quality from the very beginning.

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